Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just Around the Corner

All signs point to spring right now.
The snotty noses, greenish brown grass,
the long missed smell of the Mona cows,
forgotten toys in the yard, the peeping buds of
fall bulbs, the mass amount of mud,
doggie pies that were left behind and
the hopes and dreams of the
coming summer.
While all these things are good signs of spring,
please don't get too excited.
It will snow again.
With that in mind I wanted to share a few other things
to keep you in the Spring Mood.
-5K season is coming up! Whether you are a walker or runner there are plenty of good races coming up! Now is also an excellent time to get outside and have a nice workout.
Let those treadmills collect dust while the sun is out and the temperatures are up.
- Its a perfect time to look at your garden space. Just look, don't try and walk around it. You'll be forever lost in the mud. Make a pretty outline of your space on paper and start planning what you're going to grow. Make a list of things needed and keep you're eye out for sales.
I couldn't help but notice that Walmart has some garden things out and they may be priced much lower right now.
- Hows your summer wardrobe? Is it looking bleak and outdated? Take a garbage sack and fill it up with old clothes. Take the garbage sack to D.I. Get a donation slip for taxes. Then take a stroll around D.I. for new (new to you anyway) summer duds. Or hit up some of your favorite stores and start looking for good deals.
- Colors. I know there aren't many colors out now but there will be. What colors are you planning for your flower gardens, baskets and pots? I'm thinking I'll go with purple again. I sure love purple next to my house. And yellow. You can never go wrong with some bright yellows and oranges. Plan now. If you plant from seed, its a good time to start thinking about that too.
So if you are like me and look outside and just see images of
summer to come and spring joy then these tips will surely keep you
in lala land. Otherwise be prepared for snow on Monday.
Have a good week!

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