Monday, May 2, 2011

This week:

Tuesday: Scrapbooking or crafting at Alicen Allreds. This will be the last time that we meet. This will start back up in the fall when the kids start back to school.

Wednesday: Cannery at 6:00 PM. Rumors are that if we don't utilize this service, then it will possibly be taken away. Contact Cindy Fulton if you have questions.

Wednesday: In the Kitchen at 7:30 Strawberry Time

Wednesday: Volleyball @ 9 PM All skill levels invited to come and play and have fun!

Just a reminder that Mother's Day is this next Sunday. You can go to scrapbooking and make a card. Go to the cannery and can something for your mother, or go to the in the kitchen and learn a new tasty treat. Have a good week!

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