Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspiring Tips

Denise, thanks for posting the motivational video as a perfect introduction to what I want to share this week. We all face daily challenges and continue developing strategies that help us persevere and strengthen our abilities to succeed. Oftentimes, we're successful individually in our efforts and sometimes we become aligned with others for strength. This is my advice and recommendation for us this week -- Let's align forces and strengthen each other! There are ample ways of doing this but as an offering for one extra point, make a comment to this posting of something you do very well as it relates to one of the components of this challenge. For there is strength in numbers so among us all we are strong!

For example, here's my tip:

5 servings fruits/veggies: Twice weekly, I wash and cut-up fresh veggies which are placed in individual bags to store in the fridge. These become perfect additions to lunches and make for a quick snack or alternative to something else that's ready to grab and eat.

Monica Sage

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Sadie said...

I journal (or track) everything I put in my mouth. On days when I know I'll be busy I will plan my meals the night before or atleast write them down so its one less thing to think about. And to stay away from diet soda, I tell myself that I can't have any soda until I've had my 64oz of water. I've been soda free for almost a week! wahoo!