Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who's Got a Good One?

I'm in search of a good baby sitter.
I bet I'm not the only one either.
And I bet some of you have a good one
and aren't sharing.
So here's my idea:
If you have a good baby sitter
who is good with babies,
does some light cleaning,
will sit on the weekend,
doesn't sit and play on her cellphone,
likes to play with little kids
and doesn't charge $15 an hour
you should share her with the rest of us!
Babysitting sure has changed since I was 12 years old.
I used to get $2-5 an hour
no matter how many kids.
We didn't have cellphones back then
so that wasn't a problem.
I would always try and tidy up the house
and was grateful to do the job.
So please leave a comment on this post
if you have the baby sitting jewel.
I know there will be more then one because
I happen to know that there are some
pretty fantastic girls in our ward.
I just don't know who they are yet.
I'll make a list of all the lucky referrals
and get them up on this blog.
Leave such info as:
how old?
what she charges?
Contact info.
Thanks Gals!!!
~Sadie C.


Cathi Kendall said...

my daughter Makayla is 12 and she is really good with younger kids. She doesn't have a set rate. Give her a try 623-0280

Brett said...

Hi Sadie,

This is always a challenge, I still remember. I know everyone will say their daughter is a good babysitter and for the most part they can be. KaDi does babysit and you can call Jennica Arygle, Ivy Hunter, Cassie, or Megan Bird for references. She will be turning 13 on Mar 13th and she has had opportunities to babysit all ages. She normally leaves the price up to you based on how you feel she did, but for church functions she doesn't charge normally. I have taught her to baby sit the way I was taught. You can contact her at my cell phone (801) 851-0295 or (801) 851-0297 after school hours.
Good Luck with the search. Carry McKeachnie

Humphrey Family said...

I have used Makayla Kendall all the time. She is awesome. My kids love her and she usually brings fun things for them to do or movies to watch that they have never seen. We love her!

Anonymous said...

My daughter turned 12 in February and loves to babysit. She doesn't have a set price, she leaves that up to you. Her name is Makenna and you can reach her at 435-610-0271.
Julie Flanders