Friday, January 21, 2011

Laugh or Cry?

So there you are walking through the mall.
You're texting your friend
about lunch.
Or whatever.
And suddenly you are face down in a water fountain.
Meanwhile, someone is putting the footage on the internet.
Do you:
A. Get out of the water and head straight for you car while giggling
to yourself.
B. Jump out and run crying to your car in humiliation.
C. You do "B" but then you get on national television and tell the world
who you are.
I honestly couldn't stop laughing. I'm still giggling.
Although I felt for her too. I felt sad that she was so embarrassed
but had to ask myself,
What would I do?
Well first of all I'd wonder if I had totally messed up my phone.
Then I would wonder why I was being so dumb
and not paying any attention to where I was going.
I would then start laughing myself into
a snort fest hoping
that I didn't need to ever go back to that mall.
So, What would you do?
Is this a great lesson in humility or what?
Either way I hope this brings a smile to your face
and is a reminder to get off our phones and
pay attention!

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