Friday, January 21, 2011

Couch Cleaning

Well, they're clean. My mother-in-law has taught me alot about couch cleaning. Here are some things I have learned from her about it.

  • Check for cleaning instructions on the tags before doing anything. If you know what the fiber content of the material is then figure out if it is washable or not.
  • I toss my slipcovers in the wash and set on cold/cold and I use woolite. I let the cycle run completely through, to get all the soap out of it (soap residue will attract dirt like glue and you will have a very nasty feeling couch) then set the cycle back to rinse and add softener. Only use the delicate setting especially if you have piping around the edges of your cushions.
  • Once the covers are washed put them back on your couch cushions to dry.
  • I would clean the rest of the sofa with a steam cleaner and some upholstery cleaner.
  • Be sure to vacuum your sofa while the slipcovers are still on, to get most of the dust and dirt out of the covers or you may create a mud bath in your washer. You may also want to put the slipcovers through the wash cycle twice all the way through, the first time with woolite and the second without anything but the softener in the rinse cycle, just to be sure you get all the soap out.
  • If the fabric on your couch is a patterned print then use Colorcatchers, they are in the laundry aisle of every grocery store and they prevent colors from bleeding or running.
  • Default, if you aren't sure and don't want to take a chance then just vacuum the covers well and send them to a dry cleaner.
Tomorrow, I'm either cleaning carpets or bathroom cabinets. Depends on how flexible my girls are about the carpet cleaner running. Cassie

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