Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Years Plans

I think New Year Resolutions are dumb.
I don't think they work and
they almost always start my year off with new guilt.
I like to make plans though.
Plans seem to be more like goals
and I can relate to goals.
More often then not
I achieve my goals.
They start off small though.
I have learned that making small
and very attainable goals
I can keep a positive outlook
and continue to add to my
goals as I reach them.
This coming new year is going to busy.
For most of us this is the case.
Whether we set spiritual goals
physical goals
or goals that will help us be better
Its important to keep it simple and small.
By small means/things, Great things can come to pass.
Anything from
moving more each day
eating one fruit and veggie everyday
reading a verse and saying a prayer
each day,
we are moving toward a greater
way of life.
It may be a slow move but
at least we aren't
standing still.
May you make this New Year better
then the last
for you and yours.

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