Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tips On Saving Money

Here's the story. I like to save money in anyway I can.
I start with the grocery store.
No. I don't.
I start with the Sunday paper.
It has COUPONs.
Or in our house, we like to call them "coopins".
Because I'm not the expert on "coopening" but am learning,
I'll go ahead and share some tips and ideas.
Basically what I have learned so far.
1. Get the Sunday paper. We get the Daily Harold.
I get 3 of them for just under $16 a month.
Its the Sunday only subscription but it also comes with a Thursday paper.
This is really only helpful for the Thanksgiving Paper which is MASSIVE.
Inside the Sunday paper you'll find tons of ads.
You'll also find a combination of the following (or all three);
-Smart Source
-Red Plum
-P&G Saver
Because I get three papers, I get three of each of these,thus 3 sets of coupons.
2. CLIP what you actually use.
I don't waist my time clipping ALL the coupons because I don't use all those products.
Ask yourself a few questions if you don't whether you want it or not.
"Will my family use/eat this?"
"Do I have a use for this product?"
"Is this something I will use within the next 3-6 months?"
There are lots of questions to ask yourself with coupons but if you can't convince yourself within a couple questions then you don't need it.
This makes the whole coupon experience bearable.
It is a time consuming project so if you are dedicated to it, make your life simple by organizing what you have.
I do this with my big black binder. (BBB)
I have 5 sections.
Pantry-dry goods. Anything in a can or that does into the pantry.
Cold or Frozen-needs to be kept cold or frozen. Or found in the cold and frozen section.
Bathroom/Personal-If it goes in the bathroom or I use it on my body.
Household-anything that cleans, lights up or operates in our home.
Kids/Baby/Pet- (Mine is actually labeled Sarge and Kids) This is diapers, baby things, pet food, supplies, ect.
You do what works for you. A binder with the baseball card holders is such a great way to go because you see what you have without a big mess.
Because coupons do have an expiration date, I go through my BBB each Sunday and clean it out. I do this BEFORE I put in the new coupons. This way you never have to think twice in the store if a coupon is valid or not.
4. WAIT for a good SALE
If it seems like a high price before the coupon then it is. You all have been to the store enough to know what is a deal and what is a mark up. Keep your eye out for "Rollbacks" or "Double Coupons" deals. Smiths has a great history of these double coupons weeks. Any coupon under a $1.00 value is worth a $1.00. This makes for some AMAZING deals.
I'll try and post some of the deals I score through out the weeks.
I don't shop to often but when I do, I always take the BBB.
5. PLAN ahead.
If you have a list, stick to it!! But go through your coupons and see what products you can save on. I have been known to change up my list because I have certain coupons.
This is enough for now.
I'll be back later with some of this weeks coupons and some deals you can keep an eye out for.
I'll also put up some websites you'll want to keep an eye on.
These ladies do this for a living and are dang good at it.
I do it because I'm cheap, only have one kid at home, have spare time and kinda like the feeling of going to the store and getting half my grocery list for free.
I feel like I'm taking it to the man.
Getting some of my hard earned (husbands hard earned) money back in my pocket.
So when Old Navy has a sale I can pounce on it like a fat kid to a cupcake.
I've gone to far for a Sunday post.
Hope this is a good start for some of you and a good reminder for the other some of you.
Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!

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