Thursday, August 12, 2010

Real Quick...

I'm going to ramble for a minute. Or for however long it takes you to read this.
I understand it has nothing to do with much other then its on my mind
and Cassie gave me the password to the blog.
So bare with me.
I've been pregnant now for 23 weeks.
Before I got pregnant for the second time I had lost lots of weight and really
the way I
felt in my skin
and looked in my jeans.
I also learned how battle some things.
I also had a normal hormone level.
After I got pregnant I went right into my old way of thinking about food.
I put on weight so fast.
I feel bad.
I don't like the way I look in jeans.
I had a thought today.
Maybe you've had this thought too.
"I don't have to give in."
And I don't.
I can make better choices even if it is hard.
We all can.
I've been hearing on the news how obesity is taking over our nation and becoming our number one health risk.
This makes me so sad
and makes me want to help.
No, I wont show up at your house and throw that cake away for you.
I don't think anyone would sign up for that job.
But you can tell yourself
"I don't have to give in."
I do believe this could go for many situations in our lives.
Thanks for reading.
I'm done now.

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