Monday, August 9, 2010

Life of a Flower

Some flowers belong in a vase.
Like roses.
Or some flowers should go into a nice old canning jar.
Like lavender or daisies.
Some you just don't pick because they are so pretty where they are.
Others you let your kids pick.
Like pansies or zinnias.
But either way you look at it,
You took time to plant those pretty flowers.
You watered them.
Kept the weeds from taking over.
You may have even spent a pretty penny or dime or dollar
depending on where you shop
for them.
Point is,
You bothered to plant them. I planted flowers because it was something I grew up with.
Flowers everywhere.
Big ones, little ones, pretty ones and even a few ugly ones.
So in my mind
that's what you do.
You plant.
I also do it because I think this area lacks "green".
Like, there really aren't too many trees
or landscaping done.
So in order to not go too crazy
I planted lots and lots of flowers.
This one you see in the wine glass is one of them.
I didn't even know I had these in my little flower bed.
I know its a lily of some sort.
I know its beautiful.
And now it lives in a wine glass.
It was the kind of flower you don't pick because it's so pretty
explain that to a 2 year old.
She just knew it was pretty.
And I had to agree with her.
Such is life.

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