Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sister Spotlight - April Marsh

On Sunday we spotlighted April Marsh.

Her favorite color is always changing. Right now she is struck by lime greens and coral pinks. In her free time she likes to visit people and go out with friends. Her favorite pig-out foods are peanut M&Ms, pizza, and cheddar Ruffles. One quality she likes about herself is that she has learned to smile and look people in the eyes without being so self-conscious. You might not know that April worked as a waitress. Once she waited on the governor of of Oregon.

Her favorite hymn is No. 144, Secret Prayer. She chose it as a lullaby for her last two babies. She says her 2 a.m. voice can't reach high notes! Her children now have a special fondness for the hymn. Thanks for sharing, and we're glad you're in the ward, April!

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