Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Holy Moly Long Time

Ever had your hard drive die after 6 months?
Or spent lots of money for some computer guy not to fix it?
Or an hour on the phone with a nice Indian man that you can't understand?
Well I did!
I did without my computer for a whole week!!!
I'm guessing its like going without a bath for a week.
You need a bath, but its not life threatening if you don't get one.
My life was pretty boring for a week needless to say.
Today was pretty exciting though.
We found out we are having a GIRL.
Another girl.
My husband is rare form after hearing the news.
A little depressed.
I guess he's thinking about the future.
Maybe he thought that there was enough pink in the house.
Or about having 3 women to please in about 10 years.
Two little girls who will fight over dolls and nail polish.
A mother who may or may not attempt having another in hopes of a boy.
He's thinking about driving record statistics.
He's thinking about dances.
About the boys he'll have to scare.
He's thinking about his little girls who he'll only see half the time.
I'm thinking about pink.
So much pink.
About knots in long hair.
Nail polish on my tile floors.
Stepping on hair clips and naked barbies.
I'm also thinking about the blessings that girls bring to the table of life.
We are pretty incredible if you think about it.
We can multi-task like no other.
We can change our minds 18 times in less then 6 seconds.
We may not know where we are going or what the technical meaning of some road signs are but we don't hesitate to ask or punch it to get where we need to be.
We manage more then the BP CEO can even imagine.
Yeah, we'd like our life back too but then again, this is our life.
And we Love It.
Responsibility is just a common thread we all share.
So I guess I should be grateful for my girls.
I am getting the chance to change the world.
One little pigtail at a time.

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