Sunday, June 20, 2010

Here's To You Dads!

I must say, I really enjoy these holidays that spotlight us Moms and Dads!
Today being the Day for Dads I will focus my thoughts on just that...DADS.
I have a dad. My dad worked. He worked way too hard sometimes to provide for a very large family.
My dad loved, played with and cared for his family.
He also cared for and watched over his families that he home taught.
He always took his church callings serious. More importantly, he took his faith serious.
He made sure he taught his kids the things he knew to be true.
I took what my father showed me to be good and looked for a husband who could do the same.
There are many other fathers who have impacted my life greatly and today I think about why and how.
What makes a great dad? How do you become a great dad?
Is it his BBQ skills?
Maybe his job?
How often he takes his kids camping?
Is he measured by how big he makes Christmas?
Or maybe the car he buys junior when he's 16?
All these things are nice, helpful even but NO. Its not what makes a great dad.
Greatness is learned by doing great things.
When we follow the example of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father we can become the very thing our families need us to be.
I remember most the times spent at the dinner table in prayer. The Sunday mornings we made pancakes together. The holidays we spent laughing around a table with loved ones. I remember most my Father teaching us to pray, work and then play.
I remember my dad waking my brothers from a Sunday nap to home teach. I remember my dad getting up at 2am to go to a friend who was suffering from withdrawals because of years of addiction.
I remember how much my dad loved his responsibility of being a Dad.

I hope that on this day while Dad is BBQing up some yummies that he knows what an awesome guy he is and how much he is appreciated.

Happy Fathers Day to all you Mona Men!

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