Sunday, May 23, 2010

Smokin some Fish

Ok so I know I promised to tell you all about smoked salmon but I completely forgot to take the actual pictures. I did take this one.
Its the final step.
Vacuum and seal.
Before this though we did the following.
-Thaw out last summers salmon
-cut the filet's into strips
-soak the filet's in a brine (un-iodized salt and water)
-dry the strips on ceder boards outside for about 12 hours depending on how much sun is out
-brush the strips with an oil and garlic sauce
-pack the strips in to a bucket with soy sauce and brown sugar
-let it sit over night
-lay the strips on the smoker racks and smoke until its done (12-14 hours at a really slow low heat)
-pack and seal
I know its a rough layout but I have already told to many of the family secrets.

I took this just outside of Soldotna on our way home.
Its a moose.
I'm sure you all figured that out though.

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