Thursday, May 20, 2010

HowWe Do It

Tomato starts along side some pepper starts.
This is my mom and oldest sister Tessa holding Cailyn. That's Oakley the dog tagging along. My moms greenhouse is vital to her Alaskan garden. The grow season in Alaska is very short in terms of days but long because the sun shines much longer then in Utah. The sunlight doesn't make up for the lack of nice days but it surely helps!

As soon as it it stays warm enough at night, Mom will transplant most of the garden in these boxes. She may or may not have to put chicken wire up to keep the moose out.

Its pretty rare that you see a young tree in Alaska that's not wrapped up to protect the new branches from hungry moose. It looks goofy but it works.

Even the bushes need some protection. Nothing is really safe from a hungry moose.
Gardening is for the most part the same here in Alaska except the occasional moose. While most of us put our gardens in around Mothers Day, its more like June 1st in Alaska. The last frost can come as late as June even.
Today is actually way nice! I'm sitting in the sun window looking out over a mostly clear sky. I think its about 60 degrees even! Wahoo!
Tomorrow I am teaching you a family trade and secret!
Smoking Alaskan Salmon!

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