Friday, September 11, 2009

Berry Order

The RS's in Mona are taking orders for Fall delivery of berries, fruit & freezer jams. The berries come from Bithell Farms in Oregon and are excellent quality. They are individually picked, froze and then sold by the case for jams, smoothies, desserts or just snacking. The berries offered are blackberries ($37), raspberries ($49), boysenberries ($37), blueberries ($39), strawberries ($31 or $37), loganberries ($37), pie cherries ($37), cherries ($39), peaches ($37), apricots ($37), apples ($31), rhubarb ($31) & cranberries ($47). Orders are due by Sept 30th. Delivery date is between Oct 7th and Nov 7th. If you are interested, please contact Cassie at 801-636-2441. Also, this order they are offering seafood ( ie, halibut fillets, shrimp, salmon, etc).

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