Thursday, October 6, 2011

Important Super Saturday Information...

Well Ladies Super Saturday is just about HERE!

Remeber we are starting at 11:00 am this Saturday October 8th at our Ward Building.

Please read the following information and share it with others.....

**If you signed up for the "Family Name/est. blocks" the colors provided are Brown or Black... any other color of your choice you MUST BRING WITH YOU. Also there wil be a variety of scrapbook papers available for the Initial block, but if you want a specific piece please bring it with you

**If you signed up for The Measure board... The color provided will be exactly as you saw on display (White, washed with brown). Any other colors must be brought by YOU. A Measuring tape and small ruler would come in handy if you have one.

**The To Do/Done Boards... Well this one is tricky. We will have Black, Orange, Yellow, Red, Brown, White...(we will also have random colors that are in our personal stashes... BUT if you are trying to match a childs bedroom perfectly you will Want to Bring that color with you PLEASE :)

**The Christ Names on Canves, the Color provided is Red.

**The Necklace/Tie Pegboards will have the turquoise provided, and the other colors available are Black, Orange, Red, Yellow, Brown, White... So Again any particular color you are looking for may not be available so if you are thinking something specific with color...PLEASE BRING IT WITH YOU. (:

**The "Busy Family Board" color provided is Black. ***If you signed up for this craft PLEASE bring a Black Sharpie permanted marker with you if possible. Also if you have a ruler please bring one as well.

**Pumpkins; orange, yellow and brown paint are provided. We have some scrapbook paper provided for the fronts, but there is NOT a variety of choices. If you want to bring your scrapbook paper scraps for something different you are welcome to do so.

**"we can do hard things" board is black.

Sisters we are doing a lot of crafts that required painting! Feel free to bring any of your personal craft paint stashes if you are willing to share. Also you may want to wear an apron to keep clean!

Get ready to have a lot of Fun! It is going to be Awesome!

P.S. Just a note: Wood is not perfect or flawless. There will be some rough spots... but nothing some paint won't cover right? =)

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