Sunday, May 29, 2011

Week 11

Wow these weeks seem to be going by so quickly! And YES you are going the Right Way so KEEP GOING!

Last Week at Stake Conference we were introduced to a new challenge by our Stake Presidency to make our homes more "Christ centered." And also to read th Book of Mormon by the next Stake Conference in 6 months. (Read 3 pages per day = 6 months).

This goes right along with the challenge that we have been doing with the sisters in our ward!

Here are a few of the inspiring quotes from the Adult Stake meeting on Sat. May 22nd:

"When we set a goal and go to the Lord, He blesses us."
"Set goals that are realistic and that will stretch you. Then work on it!"
"The things that matter most are what we need to be focusing on."
-President Hitchcock

"When setting goals if we fail to keep track of our progress, then we may not reach our goal." -President Evans

"We need to to choose the BEST things over the things that may still be good things." -President Bailey

Sisters look at it this way...We got a head start! =)

P.S. Sisters mark your calendar for Thursday June 16th for a Fantastic Relief Society Meeting Dinner. Everyone can Celebrate!


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