Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just An Idea

You know how you have kids?

Like toddler age kids??

Like the age when going shopping with them

is harder then pulling out your own toe nails?

Well I have that age kid so when I need to get a few things

at the store I try to go as fast as I can.

That's why I have forsaken my coupons as of late.

Not using my coupons though has put a big damper on my fun money.

I had to think of something that was easier then my 2inch binder

but could still pack enough coupons to make it worth the trouble.

I came up with this.

Yes, that thing I'm holding is my new coupon binder.

That cheesy grin on my face as accidental.

I can hook it on my purse or on the cart for easy flipping.

The child monster that accompanies me can't really mess it with

or pull coupons out of it.

I also don't have to take ALL my coupons with me.

Or I can if I want too.

All I did was take my card holder sheet and cut them into strips of three.

I punched holes in them and put them on that cute purple thing that remains name-less in my scatter brain.


Hope this helps some of you who are trying out coupons for the first time or are just trying to figure out a better way to carry the darn things around.

Don't forget that Tuesday is Double Coupon day over at Wally World (Walmart).

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