Friday, April 1, 2011

This Sunday, April 2-3 is General Conference.

Here are some activities which will be taking place next week.

Tues-Wed Come exercise at the church. 8:45 AM Bring your little ones and let them have fun.
Tues. April 5th Scrapbooking or crafting at Alicen Allreds home @ 9 AM
Wed. April 6th Come to the cannery and stock up on your food supply. 6 PM
Wed. April 6th In the Kitchen come learn some fun easter ideas. 7:30 PM
Wed. April 6th Come play volleyball. All skill level welcome. We have been having really good turnouts and lots of fun. 9 PM
Thurs. April 7th Come do Zumba with us. 4:15

Fit for his kingdom continues. Keep up the good work.

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