Saturday, February 12, 2011

A week late, thank you Jill Cooper for coming and demonstrating some really good appetizers with us. We had alot of good food and it is always enjoyable to visit and get to know someone that we may not know, or get to know someone better.

Here are a few of the recipes that she shared:

Tiny Twinkie Strawberry Trifles

2 cups fresh strawberries, plus more for garnishment
1 tsp sugar
2 Twinkies
2 Cups vanilla wafers
1 Cup cool whip

1. place diced strawberries in a bowl and sprinkle with sugar.
2. Crumble twinkies into a small bowl
3. Place vanilla wafers into a resealable plastic bag and crush into coarse crumbs
4. Set out 8 small glasses or mini parfait cups. Using half of the crumbled twinkies, divide among the glasses. Use half of the strawberries, and create a second layer. Top each cup with a tsp of cool whip. Start over with the different layers. End with Strawberry slices.
5. Refridgerate for at least 1 hour. You can make this one day ahead.

Shrimp Caviche

1 pound medium shrimp
2 Tbsp salt
3/4 cup lime juice (4-6)
3/4 cup lemon juice (2-3)
1 Cup chopped fine red onion
1 Serrano Chile; ribs and seed removed, minced
1 Cup chopped Cilantro
1 Cucumber peeled and diced
1 Avocado, peeled seed removed and chopped into chunks

1. lace shrimp in a glass or ceramic bowl. Mix in the lime and lemon juice. Cover and refrigerate for 3o minutes.
2. Mix in chopped red onion and serrano chile, refrigerate an additional 3o minutes.
3. Right before serving add cilantro, cucumber, and avocado. (tomatoes are optional)

++++You can substitute the shrimp with chicken or meatballs.++++

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