Tuesday, January 18, 2011

You Inspired Me....


I have been watching your house cleaning progress for the last couple of weeks. You are so awesome! It has been very inspirational. Well, (finally) today I put your inspiration to action. I need to clean out so many nooks and crannies in my house right now. I decided to tackle this black armoire that sits between my kitchen and living room. It is just kind of a catch-all for lots of different things....table linens to coloring books....to educational toys that I don't like my kids to have total access to. So I did it. I can't believe how easy it was. I can't believe that there really wasn't that much stuff in there. It just seemed like it because it was such a mess. Anyway...Here are some before and after pictures. I ended up with 2 empty drawers. yeah!

Thank you!
Trisha Nelson

Way to go, Trisha! I apologize to the rest of you sisters who have sent your photos to me by phone. I still can't get them to the computer. If you email then to me, I would be glad to put them on the blog.

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