Thursday, January 13, 2011

Table Linen Storage

Today I cleaned the second half of my laundry room. This is where I store my table linens. Mine aren't expensive, but I love serving a nice dinner on a pretty table. Learning how to store my table cloths properly so I get the most out of them is important to me.

Here are some interesting tips I learned:

We all know that table linens should be stored with as few creases as possible, and with no weight on the linens. So how do you store 15 tablecloths in a tiny space and still meet all these requirements? Read on and find out how you can take relatively unused space and store all your table linens and keep them crisp and fresh, ready for the table with just a little pressing! All you need is trouser hangers, over-the-door hangers, and a little unused space in a closet.
Difficulty: Easy


Things You'll Need:

  • Trouser hangers (the kind where you fold multiple trousers on to one hanger, not the clamp or single kind)
  • Over-the-door hanger (the kind that is a bar, not separate hooks)
  • All your table linens
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  1. Measure trouser hangers for width. Subtract about 1/4" from this measurement.

  2. Fold your table linens lengthwise, to just a little under this measurement. Most linens will have three folds.
  3. Hang your table linens on the trouser hanger. Put the rarely-used linens, such as those for Christmas, all on the same hanger (or hangers).

  4. Place the over-the-door hanger over your closet door. Extend the bar if necessary.

  5. Starting with your most rarely-used linens, hang the trouser hangers onto the over-the-door hanger, closest to the door. Build forward, ending with your most-commonly-used linens farthest out (farthest into the closet when the door is closed).

  6. When you're ready to use your linens, simply remove the one you want. Press out the lengthwise creases and you'll have your perfectly stored table linens ready to use!

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At this point I don't have closet space for my table cloths, but maybe once we finish the basement I can find that space needed to follow the above steps. Tomorrow I will organize our computer area.

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