Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sister Spotlight - Andrea Lowry

On Sunday, December 12, we spotlighted Sister Andrea Lowry.

Her favorite color is blue because it looks better than all of the other colors to her. In her free time Andrea likes to get one more thing crossed off her to-do list: She is task oriented!

Her favorite pig-out foods are really anything. She says, "I am an equal opportunity glutton."

One quality that she likes about herself is that she has so much room for improvement.

Something cool that not many people know about Andrea is that she did at least one cartwheel in the last trimester of all 4 of her pregnancies.

Her favorite hymn is No. 2, "The Spirit of God," because it feels empowering and reminds her of the strength of the early saints.

Thanks for sharing and for being a wonderful teacher in Relief Society, Andrea!

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