Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sister Spotlight - Amberly McQuiston

Today in Relief Society we spotlighted Amberly McQuiston.

Amberly's favorite color is purple because she thinks it's pretty. In her free time Amberly likes to spend time with her kids, read, shop, cake decorate, and hang out with her husband.

Her favorite pig-out foods are chocolate, brownies, doughnuts Raisinettes, cookies: basically anything sweet!

One quality she likes about herself is that she is a people person. Something coold that not many people know about Amberly is that she likes watching Ultimate Fighting Campionships. Also, she has a new interest in shooting a bow and arrow.

Her favorite hymn is No. 136, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives," because it testifies of Jesus Christ. Amberly says, "I know that Jesus lives, and I love him dearly for what He did for me."

Thank you for sharing, Amberly!

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