Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Visiting Teaching Reporting

Hello Sisters,

This is just a quick reminder to please call your supervisor and let her know that you have completed your visiting teaching for the month of January. It is a great help for you to call rather than waiting for your supervisor to call you. She has many Visiting Teaching companionships that she is responsible for, so the more of you that give her a call the quicker her job is. If you don't remember who your supervisor is you can always contact me and I can give you that information.

Please take the time and report any changes in your sisters contact information (i.e. new phone, e-mail address, etc.) or any items that we as a Relief Society could help them with.

Thank you so much for your help. We see great things accomplished in our ward through Visiting Teaching and we are grateful that you are part of that work. Here's hoping your New Year is starting off with a bang.

Carry McKeachnie
Visiting Teaching Coordinator/Leader

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