Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bedroom Closet

It’s the third day of the challenge and I finally felt like giving this project a little more effort and time. Today I deep cleaned my bedroom closet. My girls like to use this closet to play “elevator” and “hotel”. The kiddy finger prints were proof. After getting my cleaning music going I gave it about an hour and am quite pleased with the results. Here are some things I learned.

  • “ Bargains are not a bargain if you don’t wear them, even if it only cost $1.” I hear this often from my husband and I am saying, “He’s right… some of the time.” I was surprised how many $2 items I sent to DI that I never wore. But my favorite pair of shoes I wear to church were only $4. That was a great find. But those $2 finds add up. Careful, thought-out, bargain shopping saves money.
  • I’m quite lazy hanging up clothes. Nearly every dress I pulled from the closet was sloppily hung. Now that my closet's clean hopefully I’ll stay motivated to take better care of my clothing.
  • Something I’m grateful for, a husband who doesn’t need much closet space. Honestly, sometimes I wish Seth cared more about dressing nice, but it does have some advantages.
  • Have you ever heard the rule, “If you haven’t worn it for a season, throw it out?” I understand this but I don’t think I’d have much left in my closet if I followed this rule. Financially, I need my clothes to last longer than a season.
  • I have a hard time throwing things away. Not to my liking, my weight has fluctuated quite a bit through the years. I can’t throw away certain items because I’m working to get back into them. Maybe one day I’ll fit back into a suit that I fit into about 10 years ago. Trying it on motivates me.
  • Is it wrong to throw away your husband’s old, yucky clothing items? Without incriminating myself I have my way. I’d be glad to discuss my tips with you by phone or in person.:)
  • Here’s a tip: Keep a box with the year marked on it in the top of your closet and each of your children’s closets. When you get a special picture, photo or note that you want to save, toss it in that individual’s box. At the start of next year you can store the box in storage and put another in its place.
  • A little effort adds up. Ok, I’m only on day 3 but I have 3 areas of my home, I normally don’t get to, cleaner than they were. I can open my coat closet and feel good about what I’ve done. Doing this every January, by the end of the month I have cleaned approximately 27 areas of my home that needed my attention. Once a year I can handle it. Some people do this in the spring. I’d rather do it now. I like to get outside then.

What have you learned? Any ideas you’d like to share?


mommaloves7 said...

This challenge is great! After coming home Sunday night from Oregon everything is a disaster. Istarted in on stuff before i saw the challenge, so i don't have pics of everything, but I took some. when i get something done I'll try and post.
Did you know that the #27 has some sort of significance in feng Shui and so flylady uses it in her 27-fling boogies! IE.: put on a timer for 15 min. grab a box and run through the house putting 27 things in it to give away. Close the box and put it in the car for the Di run. NO PEEKING!do the same with a trashcan for trash.
Also the number 27 in hebrew translates to English as meaning: Spotless,Pure,Clean,Clear,Transparent,Lucid,Innocent,Perfect,and Fine1 Just think what your accomplishing by clearing out 27 areas in your life..! Love, Melanee

Sadie said...

I love the 27 idea!!! I'm with you though Cassie, I hate getting rid of things even if I havn't worn them for a "season". I do tend to gather too much so my rule is "if I don't wear it for over a year or I can't see myself wearing it then I need to get rid of it." I almost always just bag it and take it to storage until my husband finds it and takes it to DI for me!

Cassie said...

That 27 thing is interesting! It just so happens I'm 27 years old:) Forever!

Cassie said...

Oh, husbands that go to DI! How nice Sadie. The year rule is a good idea.