Monday, November 29, 2010

Who Knew?

So I've been really thinking about Sundays lesson
by Brother Smith...I think that's his name anyway.
He talked about the difference between being the
"Shepard" or the "sheep Herder".
I don't have any idea about sheep...or cows...or any farm animal for that matter
let alone the difference between Shepard and Herder.
But Sunday I learned something, a little about
but more about who I'd like to be.
I kept having the thought,
"I am thankful for the Shepard's in my life."
I don't mind being the sheep when I have a good Shepard to follow.
Sometimes we all need to be the sheep once in awhile.
While the lesson was about US being a good Shepard through
visit teaching, home teaching and callings
I couldn't help but imagine how the growth of the church would
accelerate if each day we took it upon ourselves to be
the good Shepard.
To lead by pure example in every minute of everyday.
Be that light that others search for.
And do it naturally.
I'm only going to guess that that would take perfection
and that's why Christ is our
Good Shepard.
He's our example and the example to the world.
So I guess with the season at hand and all the reasons to be thankful
its also a time to try and be the Shepard.
Gather your sheep, they need you.

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