Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tender Times

Happy November!
What a great time of year of put us back into a "Thankful" state of mine.
And right before Christmas of all times too.
The feast of Thanksgiving, the reunions with family and the feeling that all is or can be right in the world for a bit.
There is such a buzz in the air during this time of year.
I think its the angels.
I think we are to feel the presence of Heaven to remind us of the Glory of God and his ever loving Son.
When we feel that kind of love, its hard to let the pressures of life get us down.
Everything from the changing leaves to the drop in temperature tell me that there is a greater plan and its rolling along just fine.
That brings me peace.
And for the presence of Angels, its another way for us to feel peace in our hearts, homes and the quite places we go to pray.
We are given Tender Mercies everyday of the year,
but for some reason I see them more during this time of year.
Even over the noise of the season
we can remember what the season is about.

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