Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sometimes Not So Much The Same

I've really been thinking about last weeks lesson on Repentance.
I had lots of good thoughts and feelings.
I had one thought that has stayed with me all week that I thought I would share.
We were talking about the stages of repentance and I got stuck on the "guilt" or "remorse" stage.
I got to thinking that often times in our lives we are faced with choices that don't always fall in the "sin" catagory.
We are given a choice and sometimes we don't always choose the "BEST" option.
We didn't sin, but we maybe didn't go with what was better.
I do this, more often then not.
And after I feel myself feeling as if I had sinned and going through the stages of repentance.
But I get stuck.
Here's why.
While I didn't "sin" I did make things harder for myself.
I realize this is part of life and heres what I've learned so far.
Its not where we are or how we got there that matters.
Its HOW we make the best of it.
Great strength and even wisdom is gained when we take a "not so great" situation and make
it good or "gooder". (Couldn't help myself.)
I really believe the Lord is mindful of us and our struggles and more then not,
He watches how we grow and learn from our "not so good choices".
I'm grateful for the blessings and lessons I've recieved in my life.
I know I could have done things "better" and "smarter" but I'm learning everyday how to make
those things "great in the sight of God".
So what I'm saying is,
Try not to be too hard on yourself.
Our Father in Heaven is a forgiving Father.
Great is the worth of souls.
Your soul is great and He loves you.
And me.
And all those little flaws that make us so darn beautiful.


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