Saturday, October 16, 2010

Heads Up

This time of year always catches me off guard.
It sneaks in and attacks me from all sides.
My backside gets bigger, my brain goes crazy and my wallet becomes bare.
So here's some things I've been thinking of doing before the brain part kicks in.
1. Plan. Plan for everything. Meals. Budget. Activities.
Make cookie dough now. Freeze it up for up to a month.
Get out your family favorites for Thanksgiving and figure out what you can buy now and maybe save a few pennies on.
Look for coupons too. They come out early to trip you up. They are tricky like that.
I stock up on broths, canned foods and mixes now because they'll either double in price or be out and off the shelves when I actually need them.
Did I mention COUPONS? Keep an eye out. They are out there and I'll be sure post the ones I've found.
2. Make a BUDGET. Stick to it.
Nothing worse then feeling the guilt and hopelessness of being way over budget during a time when we are to be feeling Hope, Charity and Love.
Tis the Season, so be good.
Put the high rate credit cards away. Infact, put them all way.
If you don't have the cash, you may want to think twice or three times if you really need something.
3. Know what is coming up. Check in with the kids a couple times a week. Or day. I'm not sure.
My two year old tells me everything right when it happens so I'm always in the know.
Write things down and PLAN AHEAD.
There are so many things you can prep ahead of time to make the day of a little bit easier.
4. Take a walk.
It clears your head to breath fresh air.
It also burns some of the calories you just ate.
I know I'm not the only one with Halloween candy in the house already.
I planned ahead and used coupons to get some good deals on candy.
My buns and thighs think I'm lame.
My wallet thinks I'm cool though.
My walk today jogged my memory of a few things I need to plan for.
My jug of ice water is helping me to stay out of the candy.
So is the Weight Watchers magazine I just got in the mail.
So here's to the best part of the year!
It goes fast but like I said, It will take you down of you're not careful.
Be Well Sisters!

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