Sunday, September 12, 2010

Road Trip Talk

On our way from Delta today, my husband I got talking about old people.
Not like being old or getting old but the old people in our lives who have been married
long then we've been alive.
And I say "old people" with respect.
And because I'm 27 years old.
His grandparents have been married a very long time
and we thought how it would be to be
with someone for that long.
Its a rare thing these days.
But a beautiful thing.
I thought about how the past 3 years have been fast and almost dreamlike.
Marriage is such a funny thing to me.
Most days and I do mean MOST, are dreamlike.
I spend all my time with someone I love, respect, have fun with and cherish.
The time we have together only makes me want more.
On those other days, well, I guess that's why we say "for better or for worse...".
But back to time.
It goes so fast.
Each year a little faster
and before we know it we are saying good bye to our other half.
Our spouse really does become who we are.
And losing that part of us is the part that we talked about.
We couldn't come up with anything worse then losing each other.
But at the same time I was filled with comfort.
I knew that it didn't have to be that way.
I knew that I could have my sweetheart forever.
He doesn't know it but I do.
And while I'm not sealed my sweetie, I know that I can be.
And with all the time I plan on having with him
I think it will happen.
So love on and live on with the one you love because time is a funny thing.
It has the power to change you and
the one you love.

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