Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Sales

I had heard that the Park City Outlets had some really great sales for baby and kids.
Its true. They do.
But here's my advice. Hit Carters FIRST. Old Navy SECOND. Then Gymboree and The Children's Place after that. Gap also had some really good deals.
Some deals I found to be really great!
20% off entire purchase
Terry Sleep and Plays- $5.60 after discount
3pc.Bodysuit Pantsets- $6.80 after discount
Microfleece Sleep and Play- $8.16 after discount ( I love these more then anything)
They also had lots of racks outside for $1.99 deals! Mostly summer things though.
Old Navy:
40% off Purchase!!!
Costumes were ALL 40% off!! And they were going fast.
Newborn pants- $5.70
Monkey costume- $ 13.50
2 in 1 Hooded pant set - $7.50
Fleece Bear Snowsuit (infant)-$11.70
I ended up saving about $34 at Old Navy.
20%off entire purchase
If you need winter jackets for the kids, this is a really good sale because this is such a good brand.
Bubble Down Winter Jacket- $28.80 after discount (I love love love this jacket and its big enough to last at least 2 years!)
Infant Tops- $4.80 after discount
3pc pant sets -$7.20-$8.80 after discount
I saved about $33 after the sale racks plus the additional 20% off
They had $15 HOODIES!
Enough said.
All the hoodies were only $15 (adult)
Gaps Kids had the hoodies for $12.50 (kids)
So if you find yourself looking for something to do TODAY or MONDAY, head up to Park City!!

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