Thursday, September 16, 2010

Its A Hard One

You know those stories that start out with a person/family in a bad situation and they exercise faith by performing a gospel principle and the next day they find a "bag of cash" on the front porch?
Or something as wonderful as a "bag of cash".
I read them over and over in the Ensign or hear them in a meeting.
I sometimes sit and think to myself, "wheres my bag of cash"?
(Or the like.)
I think about the times I've spent on my knees asking for guidance or answers
and then feel or get "nothing."
Thinking about the principle of faith and why we are asked to exercise faith in gospel principles is exhausting.
Take the principle of tithing.
Its a hard one whether in good economic times or bad. Giving our money to the Lord is just hard because we have such a physical and emotional attachment to it.
So why is it that when the young man who just lost his job and has bills to pay that exceed the amount after tithing but still pays his tithe out of faith isn't giving so much as a job interview?
Was his faith not enough?
Or was he in the mind frame that he would test the Lord and see what blessings he would get?
Is there a difference?
When we are promised that blessings follow faith and obedience,
is it wrong to want that "bag of cash"?
I don't know.
I just thought I would throw it out there.
I do know this.
Our Heavenly Father has great love of his children.
The worth of souls is great to Him.
Our hearts are an open book to Him.
He knows us, our deeds, thoughts and hears us when we pray.
This doesn't mean we are going to get an instant message back.
Its not like texting.
I've often been left to go on my own and use the guidance of my gospel knowledge.
As little as it may be, I do have a testimony that we can make the right choice.
I believe our Father in Heaven has faith and hope in our weaknesses and strengths.
You might never ever get that "bag of cash" but you might just get something better.
You might have a testimony and faith that exceeds all else.
What you have spiritually is greater then any physical need we have.
We are merely Spiritual beings trying to have a Human experience.
I don't know who said this but a really smart lady told me it one day when I couldn't understand
why I wasn't being heard.
Maybe I just wasn't listening.
Or maybe I already knew what to do.
Rely on the Lord, seek Him daily and Do your best.

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