Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bountiful Baskets

Bountiful Baskets is a Food Co-op that delivers fresh produce to Nephi.
I have heard rumor that a lady in Mona is trying for a delivery here! Lets hope!
I've been getting a basket about once or twice a month this summer and I have to say, I've been so impressed!
My garden wasn't as great as I had hoped and the BB have really made up for the veggies and fruits I wasn't getting.
All produce is fresh and in season.
You pay $15 for just the basket and then there are other options for 9 grain bread and other seasonal things.
This weekend there isn't a Nephi pick up but there is one in Levan at 1:30pm. I am using that one because you can get 20lbs of peaches for an additional $10.
I love love love canned peaches!!!
(The Nephi pick up is bi weekly.)
Go to www.bountifulbaskets.org for more information and to sign up. You don't have to commit to a basket each week or even bi weekly, just whenever you want.

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Anonymous said...

it is great I love It! does anyone one anything about a super saturday this year??