Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I'm not sure about the rest of ya'll, but the rain brought more then a good drink.
I've been out done by the weeds.
They are fierce this year.
While I've been weeding yesterday and today, I've had TONS of time to think about weeds.
I keep thinking about Adam and Eve.
I keep thinking about when they were cast out of the PERFECT Garden of Eden (no weeds) and sent out to the real world.
Heavenly Father told them something along the lines of, "You'll be given the job of taking care of the earth, tilling it, and planting and I'm going to fill with it noxious weeds." (Genesis 3:16-19)
Now I know its not exactly how it went, but something like it.
Here's my "I don't get it.".
Why were they punished with weeds when they did what they needed too do to bring life to earth?
I can understand being punished with the child baring stuff (vs.16...sorrow and conception, gee, thanks) or the being cast out and forced to leave the perfectness of the Garden.
I can even understand SOME weeds. But the kind of weeds I have grow 6inches in 4 days.
They have roots that go 20 feet into the ground making it imposable to clear completely.
But alas, We have weeds. Along with LIFE. And KIDS. We have CHOICE. We have these things because of the perfect plan our Heavenly Father created.
I am sure Adam and Eve had no idea what the whole weed situation would create but that's okay. I bet Eve knowing she would be pulling all those weeds would have thought twice about that fruit. I know I would have.
Funny how you think of these things while pulling something as silly as weeds.
Keep up a smile while pulling those weeds and tilling that earth because its just part of the bigger blessings that we all enjoy.

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MONA 3rd happenings said...

Thanks for looking on the bright side of things. :)