Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sister Spotlight - Marissa Dore

Metta Marissa Dore is our sister spotlight for this week.

If you know her, you know she has a sweet sweet spirit. She teaches the Gospel Doctrine class with Brother Smith.

Marissa's favorite color is deep blue because it is peaceful and calm--essential with red and white.
In her free time she likes to read, scrapbook, and go on family outings.
Her favorite "pig out" food is anything chocolate-peanut butter flavored.
One quality/trait Marissa likes about herself is my desire to always improve and learn.
Something cool that not many people know about her is she has a Cherokee Indian name: Eagleheart. Her first name is after my Cherokee great-great grandmother.
One of her favorite hymns is "Oh, Come All Ye Faithful" because..."of the invitation it contains, the spirit that is felt when sung, and I am a Dore who wishes to adore him."

Marissa has accepted a teaching assignment in Tennessee. This is bitter-sweet news. We are glad she has a teaching position, but we will be sorry to see the Dore family move.

Denise Park

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