Sunday, June 6, 2010

Our Own Front Porch

My husband and I went to the Pony Express Days concert in Eagle Mountain last night to see Tracy Lawrence in the amphitheater. It was so fun!

Anyway, one of his songs he played was "If The World Had A Front Porch". I sat and listened to this song for maybe the 1479 time but for some reason it was different.

We sat on a grassy hill side with 1000's of strangers who were all having as much fun as we were. We didn't have to know who they were or where they were from to know that we all belonged to the same eternal family. And what if I were able to welcome them all to my front porch without pause.

I think without knowing it, Tracy wrote a song about loving our neighbors. Looking out at our people without judgement, without worry and without assumption is what front porch living is to me. I just got my front porch and I love to sit and watch and listen to the kids playing or the birds or just whatever is happening down 3rd south.

I think front porch livin also can be like member missionary work but that's for another day and another blog.

Take Care and enjoy the view from your front porch.

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