Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Changes In Life

Its sometimes hard to imagine what else is out there when we stay somewhere too long.
I had lived in Alaska for nearly 24 years when I moved to Utah. Utah was one of those places we all laughed about because the people were thought to be weird.
Some are weird, some aren't.
Alaska was what I knew and knew it really well.
I knew the road to Homer was long and real windy. You hated getting stuck behind a slow motor home because there were so few places to pass.
I knew the road to Seward was beautiful.
The road to Anchorage was my favorite. Its the longest but there was nothing more beautiful then the road to Anchorage.
The road to my house.
That road was short. It lead to a large log cabin that we called home. It set on 15 acres close to the river.
Its full of trails that little feet have made over the many years of children playing.
This is what I knew.
Its what I loved.
Moving away made me realize one very important thing that has helped me in life.
Things change and thats okay.
There is more out there that has the same beauty but in different colors, shapes and sizes.
We were not meant to stand still. To be idle. No, we were meant to live. We were meant to find joy in the world around us.
Utah is my home now and I'm grateful for it.
Alaska will always have a large part of my heart. It will remain a chapter of my life that I will share many times over with those I love.
Things change. Be grateful. Look for the beauty our Heavenly Father has placed all around us.
It makes a world of difference.
(Pictures are from Homer Alaska. )

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