Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Never Know

Its amazing.
Its amazing how you can be in a single place,
in a single moment
and say something that stays with someone

And maybe it was many moments and many words that added up to be
a forever memory.
I never would have guessed I had a moment like that with a family in Colorado
5 years ago.

It went like this.

Geno and Lisa S. were a part member family.
I was a missionary in my last area.
I was ready to head home.
I was also in a hard companionship.

Back to Geno and Lisa.
I loved them.
I loved their home, kids, dogs, yellow living room wall and food.
I also really wanted Geno to get baptized so I could put another notch in my book. (Not proud)

We taught the lessons with ease and grace.
We prayed with them.
We cried with them.
We laughed till our guts hurt.
I left feeling like my glass was full and life was good.

Fast forward five years.
I'm married to a non member.
Like Lisa.
I struggle with activity.
Like Lisa.
I love being a mom.
Like Lisa.
I love my husband more then chocolate.
Like Lisa.
My phone rings at 10pm on a Tuesday night.
Its Lisa.

Geno was baptized last year.
I cried, Like Lisa.
She told me I was a part of his conversion.
She told they think about me and the lessons I taught them.

It was a phone call that changed my outlook.

I knew how they had changed my life,
I didn't know how I had changed theirs.

Never under estimate yourself or the prints you may leave behind.
You never know when you'll be the toucher or the touched.

Be thankful for the lessons you have learned
but never forget that you are teaching lessons too.

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