Saturday, April 10, 2010


We will be having a monthly Quilt Social beginning soon. We will set up a couple of quilts and invite sisters to come and socialize while donating a little time to create a little warmth for those in need. It will be a little more organized this month(as opposed to last month)now that we have access to our ward quilt frames and we have an estimate of sisters interested. (Sorry about that chaos, by the way. It was my fault that it wasn't very well planned.) ~Audrey Bandley

*If anyone has "checked-out" fabric in order to sew a quilt top for the Humanitarian Committee, please get them done as soon as possible and return them to us.

*If anyone would like to piece together a quilt-top, we have had a lot a fabric donated to us and we'd LOVE to have them sewn together in order to set them up.

*If you'd like to make them on your own to donate, please take notice of the quilt size regulations and instructions hanging outside the RS Room.

*You can still donate to the Ward Humanitarian Fund as well as the Churchwide Humanitarian Fund. Every little penny counts in this effort and with the recent current events, the world needs us.

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