Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sister Spotlight-Kristy McAllister

Sunday we spotlighted Kristy McAllister. Here are some interesting things about her you may not have known. Her favorite color is green because it has many fun shades and " I just like it". In her free time she likes to read, take pictures, play with digital editing and digital scrapbooking. Her favorite "pig-out" foods are ice cream and mexican food. One quality she likes about herself is "Even though I don't use or do them I can do many things. My mother taught me well. Cook, bake, sew, garden, needlework and many handman stuff." Something cool that not many people know about me is "I went on a mission to Ireland. I can draw and I am only 8 hours older than my husband. Born same day same year." My favorite hymn Is "The Lord is my Light and How Great Thou Art, because the words have so much meaning and strength behind them, and they just make me happy when I sing or hear them."

Kristy serves in the scouting program. We love you, Kristy! Thanks for all you do for the ward!

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