Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Notes from General RS Conference

There were 4 speakers at conference Saturday. Here are a few highlights I caught.

Sister Julie Beck (Gen RS Pres):RS is a faith based work. What sets us apart? We work under the priesthood authority. Service in RS magnifies and strengthens each sister. Let go of of non-essentials. True wisdom consists of the art of elimination. Visiting Teaching is never "done". Home, personal and family meetings are now called "Relief Society Meetings".

Sister Silvia H Allred (Gen 1st Councilor): Why do we need RS? To enter the temple, honor our covenants and build the kingdom. Be righteous not selfish.

Sister Barbara Thompson (Gen 2nd Councilor): "Mind the Gap". Knowing vs. doing; goals vs. accomplishments. 1. Believing you are a daughter of God vs. Knowing how precious you are. 2. Completion of Young Women's vs. Full RS participation. 3. Believing in Jesus vs. Being valiant in following Jesus.

President Henry B. Eyring (1st Pres 1st Councilor) I got so caught up in his talk, that I didn't get many notes. But he spoke about the RS Legacy. Charity is the heart of the society and it is passed from heart to heart.

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