Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fruit Flies Nearly Gone!

Last night at the grocery store in Nephi the employee told Seth that they are completely wiped out of apple cider vinegar. Fruit flies are bothering many people. Mine are nearly gone. We purchased two more items and I wanted to let you know how well they helped. At Cal-Ranch we purchased a fly stick cylinder for $3.69. It caught maybe 5 flies in 12 hours! Don't waste your energy! Besides it's ugly and looks like I have something in my bathroom that should be in a camper trailer. The item I'm most excited to tell you about is a Revenge Window Fly Catcher. It was only $2.29 at Cal Ranch. It came with 4 clear strips that you put on windows or mirrors. We put them up and within a few minutes they were clearly working. They're also more appealing in a home because they're clear! Good Luck! I'm much happier today and hope it's over. But I guess if they come back now I know what to use.

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