Sunday, September 4, 2011

Super Saturday Information

Hey Ladies!

There are 11 total Blog post to show all of the crafts we are offering for Super Saturday this year. Just remember to sign up by September 26th.

You can pick up an order form or see the crafts on Display on the table outside the Relief Society Room... only on Sundays in September.

Just Remember there is NO PRESSURE to sign up... Everyone can come to Super Saturday October 8th. We will have a quilt to tie, and lunch is provided... so come and enjoy!

Super Saturday Crafts: Quiet Books

Quiet Books

Cost: $3.75 each

*Book of Mormon Stories
*Articles of Faith'
*Prophets and Apostles
*We Believe (Gospel Principles)

Super Saturday Crafts

Menu Board

Cost: $7.00

Size: 10" x 15"

Super Saturday Crafts

Set of 3
Small wood pumpkins

Cost: $6.00

Sizes: 6" x6", 6" x 9", 6" x 6"

Super Saturday Crafts

Large Wood Pumpkin

Cost: $6.00

Size: 10.5" x 11.5"s

Super Saturday Crafts

Family Name /established Blocks

COST: $6.00

Size: 5" x 11"

**Please include name and date on order form.

Super Saturday Crafts

Height Measuring Board:

Cost: $8.00

Size: 5ft x 6"

**Must be hung at appropriate level on wall to indicate correct height.

**Choose from either saying:

"Stand Tall" or

"It takes Courage to Grow up and become who you are

Super Saturday Crafts

"We can do hard things" sign


Size: 8"x 11"

Super Saturday Crafts

Neclace & Tie Peg Board
Cost: $3.75

(Not meant to hang heavy items such as coats/jackets etc.)

***If you have a very specific color of paint in mind that you would like, please bring it with you.
We will have a variety of colors to choose from.

Super Saturday Crafts

"To Do / Done" Magnet Board

Comes with 10 bottlecap magnets.

Cost: $7.50

(The idea is to list all of the daily chores or items to get done on the bottlecaps, and then move them from one side to the other.)

We will be using scrapbook paper punched out in 1" circles for the inside of the bottlecaps.

*please include name of person for the chart on your order form.

Super Saturday Crafts

"Names of Christ" on Canvas

Cost: $12.50

Sixe: 12" x 16"

Super Saturday Crafts

"Our (Busy) Family"
Dry Erase Board

Cost: $15.50

Sixe: 24" x 20"